What Does 2019 Mean for Graphic Design?

Design Trends 2019 — What to Expect

We’re rapidly approaching the new year and a fresh start means new design trends are just around the corner. Before we all go off yule tiding, we’ve rounded up some of the most exciting trends announcing their debut in the next year. Here’s what the design fortune cookie told us…

design trends 2019

Gorodok495 – Dreamstime.com

1. Open-minded Compositions

All the talks about decentralized systems have made their gradient way into the world of designs. 2019 seems poised to be a year when definitive lines and clear-cut elements are toned down in favor of design elements which only suggest ideas and objects.

What were once elements or patterns of detail will emerge as central objects, which hint at larger pictures and concepts. Viewers will have a more intense experience, as they exercise their own perception of a given layout, instead of digesting obvious visual stories. This is set to open a new world of user experiences, with distant borders and plenty of space to create seemingly endless designs.

design trends 2019 dream berezovska

Anastasia Berezovska – Dreamstime.com

2. 3D Designs

It might seem strange to name 3D designs a new trend, but it will only continue to increase in popularity. Bold, statement-like 3D designs will be prominent in 2019, in an unexpected combination with the open-minded compositions.

It might seem like an unlikely match, but 3D elements are making their way back into mainstream design in the form of realistic elements set in the abstract, subtle background of infinite patterns. Their purpose? To provide big depth, rugged highlights for representations of concepts, ideas or moods.

design trends 2019 3

Razzers – Dreamstime.com

3. Neverland Colors

The Pantone color of 2018 was Ultraviolet, a smooth, yet powerful shade of purple. This year’s is Living Coral. We foresee a transition of this rich color into 2019’s complementary palette of colors. If you remember the bold and very fashionable space posters in early 2000s, you probably know what we’re hueing at. With discrete design elements taking center stage, it seems only fitting that imagined tones of the universe will shine in 2019.

Picture nuances of purple, blue, pink and green, morphing into bold layouts, with just a dash of metallic yellow and white highlights and you’ll see what we mean. As multi-color typography was a big hit this year, we see no reason why this galactic cloud of colors should not transition into fonts in the new year.


design trends 2019 4

Skypixel – Dreamstime.com

4. Inclusive Designs

This one might not ring an immediate bell, but it makes just as much sense in this day and age as the trends listed above. Creating images and user experiences that invite and connect with an extended audience – spanning gender, race, ethnicity, age and even various disability will begin to make waves. We’ve been designing for mobile devices and variable screen sizes for quite some time now. It seems to us like 2019 is a great moment to plan designs for human diversity and individuality.

design trends 2019 5

Emojoezthai – Dreamstime.com

5. Micro-Interactions & Conversations

Design has matured in recent years, evolving from an attractive wrap to an entire philosophy which blends research, esthetics, flows and means of contact with users. This is exactly why we feel the need to mention micro-interactions and chatbots as design trends for the next year. From thoughtful and delightful interactions that keep users involved, to clutter-free and inviting messaging interfaces, design can make a huge difference in what were once only transactional areas of a website or app.

Maybe you’re planning to embrace 3D designs and galactic colors, or maybe you’re planning to start your own design trend in the new year – either way 2019 is sure to be full of creativity and bold designs!

 Article written by Adina Cretu and Dreamstime.


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