Top 10 Reasons to Hit HOW Design Live

Inspiring designers. Industry leaders. Business gurus. Master creators.

They’ll all come together in Chicago from May 7-10 for HOW Design Live 2019. It’s a never-before-never-again intersection of ideas and people—and it wouldn’t be the same experience without every single person there.

Still on the fence about attending? (Or need some help convincing your boss to send you to HOW Design Live?) Here are the top 10 reasons to attend HOW Design Live this year:

Top 10 Reasons to Attend HOW Design Live This Year

HOW Design Live 2018

10) Find your inspiration.

What’s the HOW Design Live experience like as you’re walking the halls and listening to speakers? Here’s how one attendee from last year described it: “The content and the people involved in the conference this year blew my mind a thousand times. I cannot thank the HOW team enough for curating such an inspiring experience. I’ve felt more creative, inspired, and driven than I have in a while and it’s just what I needed.

9) Let the keynote speakers open your mind.

Justin Ahrens. Austin Kleon. Shantell Martin. Noreen Morioka and Nicole Jacek. Kristin Ellison. Ron Burrage. Jessica Brown. Some of these names you recognize; others are new to you. They’re designers, leaders, authors, instigators, investigators, artists and innovators. You’ll be so energized and motivated by their passion and bold ideas.

8) Design your perfect HOW experience.

With more than 90 sessions to choose from—plus must-attend sessions in the HOW Marketing Live program—you can cherry-pick your ideal crop of presentations to suit your needs and interests. Want to focus on packaging and branding? Hit up all the Dieline Conference sessions. Program tracks cover career advancement, design + creativity, in-house, how-to techniques and tools + resources—you get to design your own agenda.

7) Find your tribe.

It’s all about the HOWie Community—a group of longtime attendees and first-timers who connect at the event and stay in touch to help each other long after the closing keynote session. HOW Design Live is the 5 days out of 365 when you’ll be surrounded by creative pros like you. Veterans say these casual interactions among attendees is where the HOW magic happens. “The real bread and butter is in between the sessions,” says one 7-time HOW Design Live attendee. “It’s getting to meet people with different backgrounds, from different parts of the country, with different experiences—and seeing what makes them tick.”

6) Discover the latest trends.

What’s hot in logo design? How are digital print and production techniques allowing cool new design opportunities in sustainable and responsible packaging? How can you tap into these trends and put your own spin on them? You’ll dig deep into design innovations and come away inspired by a range of new work.

5) Build your marketing know-how.

You understand that design and marketing are totally interconnected today. What does that mean for your day-to-day? HOW Marketing Live was a sensation last year! Join us for these dynamic sessions as designers and marketers learn how to collaborate, speak the same lingo and create groundbreaking work.

4) Hear best practices from big brands.

Google. Pepsi. VICE. LinkedIn. Chronicle Books. These brands are leaders because they *get* the power of design. Learn how they work, think and execute, and borrow those strategies in your own organization.

3) Explore Chicago.

It’s one of our favorite host cities for HOW Design Live. Why? The history, the architecture, the food, the culture … well, lots of reasons. Take a look at a few things designers can explore in Chicago.

2) Lend your voice.

HOW Design Live is more than a location, a program, a gathering of presenters. The event’s essence is its attendees: YOU. It needs your voice, your ideas, your passion. Other designers are waiting to connect with you.

1) Save big.

The very best rates of the year on HOW Design Live are going fast. So you’ll save big dollars on this incredible investment in your creative career if you act quickly. Even better: Upgrade to Big Ticket or Big Ticket PLUS to include HOW Marketing Live for just $99 more. Register TODAY!


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