Sunny Side Up | Award-Winning Hall of Breakfast by Bigsley

HOW In-House Design Awards 2018 Outstanding Award Winner!


COMPANY Bigsley 

WHAT WE LOVE “Love the unexpected take on restaurant branding. Reminds me of the Saved by the Bell intro credits, but in a GOOD way.”

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A tribute to that morning moment when anything feels possible, Hall of Breakfast is an immersive pop-up experience celebrating everything about breakfast, from the trivial to the transcendent: Bask in the light of an egg yolk sunrise. Slip down a bacon slide. Snap a pic with a pineapple flamingo as you lounge in a giant neon fruit bowl. The goal and vision was to create a colorful, funky art exhibit that was also authentic and engaging with the community.

Starting Off Right

Hall of Breakfast was dreamed up and brought to life by a group of artists and creators who wanted to make a funky and creative space dedicated to breakfast. “We set out to create a space that finds the art and play in the everyday,” says senior designer Courtney Mahon. “It’s a chance for people to walk through our fridge doors and wake up their creativity.”

The branding and design, which included logo design, an icon set, color palette, web design, marketing materials, newspaper design, invitations and email designs, came first and set the stage. Then the room concepts and art fell in line with the vision naturally. “When I set out to create the identity, I was inspired by a sunny morning in my childhood kitchen,” Mahon says. “I referenced a grid-tiled kitchen counter and the bright colors and textures of breakfast foods.” Art Installation Directors Jesse Draper and Kristen Cordova helped bring the concepts to creation with donut swings, giant egg sunrises, bacon slides and coffee bean-hives. And the color palette from the branding became the color story throughout the on-site experience.

Savoring Every Bite

Overall, the response was really positive. Having a well-designed brand helped to instill a lot of trust and confidence in the audience, while trying to sell something so new and different to them. “As a designer, this was the most unique and creative project I have ever worked on, and I feel so much pride for it,” Mahon says. “I was surrounded by an amazing team of experience designers and artists who constantly encouraged and pushed me to do my best. At the very beginning of our brainstorm process, the team would spend countless hours in the conference room dreaming up everything we wanted to see come out of this project. And no dream felt too big. Someone would say, ‘I want to swing on donut swings’ or ‘slide down a bacon slide’ and we made it happen. I recognize that this kind of design opportunity doesn’t come around often, so I didn’t take a second of it for granted.”


Eat Up!

Hall of Breakfast partnered with the Utah Food Bank to donate three meals for every ticket sold to the event. After a three-month run, Hall of Breakfast was able to donate more 100,000 meals to the food bank. Mahon says, “The added element of being able to do good for the community and give back made this project even more special.”

This project won the Outstanding Achievement Award in the Consumer Category of the HOW In-House Design Awards for 2018. 

Hall of Breakfast

Bigsley, Art + Product Development, Salt Lake City; Courtney Mahon, Sophie Weichers, John Connors, Jesse Draper, Kristen Cordova, Carter Hurst, Hoang Truong (creative team)

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