International Design Awards 2019 Outstanding Achievement: Wasserman Football Center

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Created by ZGF Architects for the University of California, Los Angeles, the Wasserman Football Center leverages the power of a central location to highlight history, identity, and community.

ZGF Architects designed UCLA's new Wasserman Football Center.

Win From Within

Prior to the construction of the Wasserman Football Center, the various departments and functions of UCLA’s football program were housed across separate locations. The goal of creating a new center was to not only bring the program under one roof, but to also create an environment that would inspire current and future players, communicate the rich history and enduring legacy of the UCLA football team, and convey the program’s tenets of strength and power in the context of the UCLA brand.

ZGF Architects conceptualized and created a graphic visual identity and branded environment within the new 73,500 square feet, LEED Platinum UCLA Wasserman Football Center, which co-locates football staff and student-athletes on the campus for the first time. Incorporating archive photography, stats, and memorabilia, a broad range of executions and materials visually convey the football program’s storied past and paint a picture of the team’s future. Visual representations of important moments both small and grand are woven throughout the space and serve to highlight living timelines, showcase historic milestones, honor donors, and recognize greatness.

ZGF Architects designed UCLA's new Wasserman Football Center.


Creating Comm(unity)

“As a whole, the graphic elements have contributed a sense of place and identity that the football program has never had before,” says Suejin Park, associate principal, senior graphic designer for ZGF. “Having stories of the team’s greatest moments and players embedded into the halls they walk and rooms they use each day has been inspiring. … On a functional level, bringing the football program under one roof, complete with unified and coherent signage and wayfinding, has simplified the overall daily experience of every member of the team.”

ZGF Architects designed UCLA's new Wasserman Football Center.








Because the functions of the UCLA football program—and its special and historical memorabilia—had been spread across multiple locations, the process of collecting, organizing and identifying the most important artifacts, archived photography, and valued statistics was a monumental effort.

But the hard work paid off. From the outset, the graphic experience of the Wasserman Football Center proved to be attractive to donors: Close to 200 donors and counting, current and former players and their families, friends, fans, and alumni continue to contribute financially and are gratified by seeing their names embedded into the building.

Category: Signage/Environmental Graphics
Project: University of California, Los Angeles, Wasserman Football Center
Designer: ZGF Architects

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