How Creatives Can Stick to Those 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s face it… sticking to those resolutions can be hard, no matter how inspired you might be. These 5 tools for your creative design resolutions can help you work smarter, keep you on-track, and maybe even propel you to exceed your goals this year.

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5 Tools for Keeping Those Design Resolutions

  1. Active Collab. At verynice, we’ve tried every (literally, every) project management system, and none have been as good as Active Collab. This project management system is a great tool for getting work done on your own, or with your team. It allows you to filter tasks in a really intuitive way, includes an all-in-one calendar, has time tracking, and even collaborative docs to take notes in.
  2. Pipedrive. Based in Estonia, Pipedrive is a wonderful and simple solution for keeping track of all of your business leads. The intuitive interface is column based, allowing you to move a potential business opportunity through all of the stages of business development.
  3. Humaaans. This wonderful tool for illustrating people is already making waves in the design community thanks to how fun (and simple) it is. The tool allows you to do things like change hairdos, tops, and pants. You can even rotate and position all of the elements in any way you’d like. Cool!
  4. GumRoad. GumRoad is a great platform for anyone out there thinking about self-publishing. Aside from the super nice analytics and quick-to-checkout interface, I personally love that you can opt to make your digital downloads available on a “pay-what-you-want-basis”.
  5. People of Craft. People of Craft is my go-to place for finding inspirational designers, technologists, illustrators, and more. The website focuses on featuring creatives of color, which is awesome, and even allows you to filter by city.

Procrastination Is Just Productivity Waiting to Happen

… and when all else fails, here are a 3 things to help you procrastinate more in 2019. No, seriously. Taking time to do things that are unrelated to work for a few minutes here and there can actually make you even more productive.

  1. Zynga Poker. I may or may not have played for 8 hours last week.
  2. Travel. It’s a cliche suggestion, but traveling the world (or the town!) on a mission to experience new things and shift your perspective is one of the most powerful things a creative can do to get that spark and energy back.
  3. Tea. There’s something refreshing about the ritual of tea, including the necessity to wait 3-5 minutes in silence for your leaves to steep before taking that first sip.

There you have it. Have a great and productive (and fun!) 2019, people!

Continue What You Started

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